Mint Tin Transformation event at Cinnaminson Public Library

Join the Cinnaminson Public Library on July 17 for a neat event on repurposing your mint tins.

What do you do with your tin of Altoids after you’ve eaten all the mints? Trash it or repurpose it?

Join the Cinnaminson Public Library on July 17 at 2:00 p.m. to learn how you can repurpose your tins rather than trashing them.

You can use your mint tin to carry or gift tea bags, lip gloss, gift cards and so much more! Feel free to bring in ideas from Pinterest, or just come in and decorate.

The library will provide materials. You are welcome to bring additional tins for your own use or for sharing. All adults and seniors are welcome.

Registration is required for this event, and you can do that here

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